7 Security Areas to Focus on During COVID-19 - Digital6 Technologies
 How to protect yourself from cyberattacks when working from home during COVID-19
October 27, 2020
Are Your New Remote Workers Visible to Security Operations?
November 3, 2020

  Where should #infosecurity leaders focus in the new WFH normal? Business responses to #COVID-19 have put many at risk of new security #breaches because of the shift to off-site work. Security and risk teams need to shift their sights to new priorities. Read this to learn which 7 areas need attention now.

 Rapid response to the coronavirus pandemic means organizations are vulnerable to security breaches due to widespread work-at-home arrangements. Security and risk teams must remain vigilant and focus on new strategic areas. This article from Gartner offers seven focus areas for security leaders in order to ensure work continues securely – even if it is off site.

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