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April 3, 2018

Are Managed IT Services Right For You? A Few Things to Consider

    Are Managed IT Services Right For You? A Few Things to Consider   How do you get a small business to recognize the value […]
April 2, 2018

Get 1 Terabyte of Data Storage with Office 365

Each #Office365 license comes with one terabyte of secure data storage. Digital6 Technologies has some cool factoids on just how much data that is! For example, you could use that one terabyte of space to store 17,000 hours of music. Or 40 days' worth of video. Or 310,000 photos, or 500 hours of movies! Office 365 gives small businesses like the one featured in this short video A LOT of storage space! It's not just the amount of data storage that matters, but also its safety. With Office 365, small businesses don't need to worry about losing precious time, or information, because everything that you need most is backed up and secure. Contact Digital6 Technologies to learn more.
March 27, 2018

Breaking News: Downtime Kills Small Businesses

    Breaking News: Downtime Kills Small Businesses   Downtime is bad news for any business whether big or small.   A recent two-hour New York […]
March 23, 2018

Create a small business office that lets you work from anywhere

Creating a mobile office can boost your productivity, and help you work from anywhere. These tips will help you create a mobile office. View: Create a […]
March 22, 2018

Infrastructure On Demand Is Giving Small Businesses An Edge

Up to 66 percent of IT professionals believe companies not investing in IaaS will struggle to keep up with those that are. Read on to find out how IaaS can answer your data access, storage, and security needs.
March 21, 2018

Rockwell Automation Evolves for its Customers thanks to Microsoft Azure

Countless organizations have a wealth of data that's currently not doing them much good. But Digital6 Technologies knows that, in today's data-driven business landscape, you need every advantage you can get--which means putting all that data to work for you. Rockwell Automation counts on #Azure tools and services to help customers like Great Lakes Brewery get more meaning out of their data. Whether it's bot training using Microsoft Cognitive Services, data analysis with Power BI, or attaching to Cortana for a voice interface, #Azure delivers the cloud-computing infrastructure to support innovation on an enterprise scale. Let Digital6 Technologies show you how #Azure can help you reap the benefits of your most valuable asset--your data.
March 20, 2018

Is That A Business Continuity Plan in Your Pocket…Or A Bunch of Jargon?

    Is That a Business Continuity Plan in Your Pocket or a Bunch of Jargon?   Technology is full of difficult jargon. To further complicate […]
March 19, 2018

Keep Software Costs Down with Office 365

Digital6 Technologies understands how important it is for small businesses to keep IT costs down. In fact, forty-one percent of small businesses say that lack of budget is their biggest barrier to adopting new technology. We think #Office365, with its low monthly subscription cost, can help. One license of this powerful business productivity suite is good for use on up to FIVE devices for a single user! Professional services company Turbine Test Service has four Office 365 subscriptions that empower them to work flexibly, which they need because two of their co-workers work remotely No matter your business or industry, Digital6 Technologies can help you get more stuff done, anywhere, anytime - and at a reasonable cost.
March 13, 2018

8 Hard Truths for SMBs not Worried About Data Recovery and Business Continuity

    8 Cold Hard Truths for SMBs Not Worried About Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity   The foundation of any successful business continuity solution is […]