Cyber Security

Strengthen your Business Technology

Is your small to mid-sized business IT system designed to protect and backup all your data?

Do you have a disaster recovery plan in case you are the victim of a cyber attack or other event causing a breakdown of your technology?

Are your operations in compliance with regulatory agencies and industry standards? 

Our Digital6 Technologies team can give you a carefree confidence in the security of your IT systems so you can focus your time and energy on growing your business.

Let us work with you to review your operations, identify areas of concern or deficiency and recommend the best IT strategy for you to strengthen your business technology.

Understand Your Vulnerability to Cyber Attacks

Small to mid-sized businesses are not immune to cyber attacks. Although you might think your SMB is not worth a ransomware demand or a data snatch, one in five similar businesses are the targets of such attacks. And, the trend is growing.

Any kind of attempted or successful attack on your technology might result in:

  • Lost or infected data
  • Gaps in business transactions
  • Lost customer orders
  • Loss of production capacity
  • Compromised client databases
  • Theft of proprietary product or process information
  • Ransom demands

These are just some of the possible results. No matter what the specific situation is, your business will inevitably feel the impact of diminished credibility and trust. Decreased profitability will follow.

Security Solutions

The Digital6 Technologies team are certified solutions specialists, coming at security situations from all directions. From preventing and detecting attacks to planning an immediate response just in case something slips into your system, Digital6 knows its business… to protect your business. 

There are four elements of an effective plan for cyber security cloud based solutions.

It is essential that your business’ statistical data, customer info, financial statements, confidential documents and other sensitive information are managed carefully. From creation and collection to transmission, storage and usage, all your business info can be secured by:

  • Strong access requirements
  • Regular back-up in cloud storage
  • Secure, synchronized content throughout its business lifecycle
  • Encryption
  • Secure computers, including mobile devices
  • Up to date operating systems and apps
  • Antivirus software

Digital6 Technologies offers the cloud based productivity services of Microsoft Office 365 with its advanced technology.

Hackers have become very sophisticated in the way they attack. Phishing emails are still popular. Users are often lured into clicking on links with familiar logos and executive names, making it easy for the attacked to acquired IDs and passwords. The offer of fake tech support has become another common way to have users allow access to their devices.

Digital6 specialists can work with you to:

  • Conduct employee training about phishing, ransomware and tech support scams
  • Audit traffic logs for unusual activity and users
  • Analyze original of emails and other files stopped by antivirus firewalls

Businesses needs the right technology to meet industry and government regulations for protecting their data. However, if a data breach or threat is detected it is critical to have policies and procedures that cover the next steps such as:

  • Alert tech support immediate to mitigate impact of attack
  • Inform company’s legal professional and police, if so advised
  • Comply with reporting requirements for any regulatory agency
  • Inform customers, partners and client as needed
  • Implement steps for business continuity

Time is always of the essence with a security breach. The faster IT experts can isolate infected files and/or devices, the faster business is back to normal.

Complete business protection calls for an end-to-end integrated security solution. Whether you experience a malicious cyber attack on business information or a natural disaster or loss of power, the results of the breach and system downtime are the same.

The most efficient way to collect/create, transmit, store and access data is to:

  • Synchronize it across all devices and make it accessible from anywhere, at any time
  • Implement productivity tools that are part of an integrated business technology solution
  • Ensure the capacity for scalability so no data is lost as your business expands in volume and/or types of services or products

Let our Digital6 Technologies team deliver these security and compliance solutions as your managed service provider. Our team of specialists can monitor your security. You can focus on using that increased productivity to grow your business.

Secure your business future. Contact our Digital6 Technologies rep now to start the conversation.