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Cybersecurity Services for Boise Businesses

A successful security strategy for any SMB or startup needs to be end-to-end, through collection, creation and transmission of information to storage and access for use. Our Digital6 Technologies team can help you assess your risk for security breaches, recommend the best tools for your unique needs, implement your choices and monitor your traffic to make sure your data is safe and secure.

The purpose of the Digital6 model of Security as a Service is to ensure:

  • Protection of your business technology
  • Compliance with industry and government regulations
  • Workforce productivity

There are four primary focuses for this security strategy:

  • Secure User Access
  • Secure All Information
  • Secure All Devices
  • Secure User Commitment

These functions address the many challenges you experience when trying to secure your customer data, financial transactions, operational emails and other sensitive information that is continuously being transmitted in and out of your organization and across various departments.

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    Cyber criminals want to penetrate your business technology however they can. They are persistent so plugging holes here and there does not give you a secure IT system. They will try again.


    Where are the vulnerable points in the perimeter around your data and other information? Here are a few common examples:

    • Weak passwords
    • Risky logins
    • Phishing emails and attachments
    • Brute force attacks on passwords and PINs
    • Vulnerable OS
    • Privilege creep, often rationalized as temporary
    • Unattended account when employee leaves


    Digital6 specialists are ready to assess your front door risk and recommend security solutions to help you:

    • Manage identity access
    • Develop policies and procedures for compliance
    • Implement encryption functions
    • Develop and deploy emergency response to a breach

    Azure Active Directory Premium and Exchange Advanced Threat Protection are just two example of tools that Digital6 Technologies can discuss with you.

    Even if hackers find their way into your IT system, you want them to have difficulty reading, copying or deleting your files. Our Digitial6 specialists can recommend solutions to thwart malware by providing strong protection for your business technology.


    Can you identify potential problems in the creation, collection, transit, storage and usage of your data and other information? Your list might include the challenges of:

    • Inconsistent file classifications
    • Vulnerability of shared files
    • Security risk of apps


    It is easy to become careless with information distribution. After all, you are all working for the same company or all working on the same project or transaction. That is why it is critical to have clear direction for handling business data and other sensitive information. The Digital6 team will review the kind and volume of data flowing in, out and throughout your operations. Then, they will be able to help you:

    • Develop policies, procedures and rules for moving data
    • Establish criteria for identifying exceptions to the rules
    • Develop standardized, intuitive labeling protocol across the organization
    • Implement identity validation protocol before sharing
    • Monitor shared files
    • Deal with policy violation/violators

    Two of the security tools offered by Digital6 Technologies are ShareSync and Azure Information Protection – Premium 1.

    The employees of even the smallest of SMBs and startups typically use a variety of computing devices. From desktop PCs and laptops to tablets and smartphones. Mobile devices are particularly vulnerable.


    The three biggest challenges are:

    • Use of mobile devices, including BYODs
    • Number and kind of apps used
    • Ability to isolate any infected devices


    Digital6 specialists recognize the risks associated with a mobile workforce using a variety of devices. To strengthen your IT security to resist threats and protect information, they can help you:

    • Synchronize data across all devices
    • Encrypt all information
    • Manage device settings and access
    • Manage mobile apps
    • Isolate devices or sections of the network in response to a breach

    Two of the security tools offered by Digital6 Technologies are Microsoft Intune and Windows 10 E3.

    It does not matter how many safeguards are in place to protect your business information if you and your employees are not committed to following policies and procedures. There are often good reasons for resistance on the part of users.


    Consider the frustrations of:

    • Complicated access protocol
    • Slowed down productivity
    • Inconsistent classifications
    • Data not synchronized across the system
    • Need to involve IT in every change/decision
    • Lack of understanding of cyber attacks 


    Digital6 understand how irritating it is to be delayed by access to routine information or having to seek the IT department’s permission every time a password is changed. The inevitable impact of such inefficiencies is reduced productivity. No SMB or startup can afford this.

    There are tools and processes available that will facilitate:

    • Single sign-on to onsite databases and apps
    • Self-service for password changes, downloading apps and creating work groups
    • Real time synchronization of all data across the business and all the devices
    • Working from anywhere on any device using various modalities; e.g. email, calls, SMS, apps
    • Training for employee awareness and understanding of cyber attacks and their impact

    One of the security solutions available through Digital6 Technologies is Azure Active Directory Premium.

    Let Digital6 Technologies deliver these security and compliance solutions as your managed service provider.

    Our team of specialists can monitor your security. You can focus on using that increased productivity to grow your business.

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