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February 20, 2018
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You are ready to take your small to mid-sized business or startup to the next level and are looking for the perfect IT system to manage your databases and other information files.

Everyone around you seems to be going to the cloud but you are just not sure. You are afraid of losing control of customer data, slipping on regulatory compliance and even writing off your current systems as a financial loss.

A Hybrid Solution on SQL Server

Digital6 Technologies has the answer for you. Upgrade to a Microsoft SQL Server 2017 and you will be able to install and manage a hybrid system with just the right mix of on-premises IT and cloud based services. The bonus is that you can run your SQL Server on your favorite platform, including Microsoft Azure.

A hybrid solution gives you the best of both worlds. You are in charge, no matter how much data you decide to move to the cloud. You and your employees are the ones who secure and manage the data, the users and the access, both onsite and in the cloud.

The Digital6 team will explain how SQL 2017 makes a move to the cloud easy. Flexibility, mobility and consistency are key features of the server. And, you don’t have to worry about your legacy systems being throwaways. Digital6 will incorporate your existing on-premises technology into your new, streamlined SQL Server 2017 solution.

Benefits of a Hybrid Solution

A chat with a Digital6 specialist will quickly reveal the benefits of a hybrid solution:

  • Scalability

If your business is growing or there is even a temporary influx of data to be managed, the SQL Server 2017 and Azure platform can respond immediately, and you only pay for the service you use

  • Short recovery time

If there is an on-premises database outage for any reason, you will rebound quickly with hybrid backup and disaster recovery in a SQL Server

  • Consistency in file management

You maintain control of data collection, storage, access and usage

  • Cost effectiveness

Capital costs are predictable and manageable; operating costs in the cloud are pay-as-you-go; cloud services can be used as working space for developing and testing databases, lowering onsite hardware and labor costs

Let the Digital6 team support you in making a decision about moving to a hybrid IT system. They are pleased to work with you to review your operations, identify your particular needs and develop the best solution for your SMB. This might be the starting point to natural growth in your business. You want the best technology support available. It might just be an SQL Server 2017 on a Microsoft Azure platform.

Take the time to explore the possibilities for preparing the data management in your business to be the best possible. Contact a Digital6 Technologies rep now to start the conversation.

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