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Manufacturing Needs Reliable Technology Across Supply Chain

Are you starting a manufacturing business? Are you ready to expand your current success?

Excellence in supply chain management demands efficiency and cost effectiveness no matter how long you’ve been in business.

Fortunately, there are cloud services that ensure the best possible communication and collaboration across the entire supply chain. State-of-the-art tools can help you meet any and all manufacturing requirements for email systems, file sharing and backup, and even voice messaging.

Whether you are concerned about managing onsite operations, coordinating logistics or solving problems with suppliers. Digital6 Technologies can provide the expertise to recommend the right cloud IT business tools for your manufacturing business and the ongoing services to support implementation.

Challenges of Manufacturing IT

Most business owners are challenged by two primary IT issues these days: privacy and security. Do you understand the concerns? Do you have a plan to keep your private data safe and secure?

  • Privacy

You want to maintain control of access to all your business critical data, including information about clients, proprietary processes and products, and company finances.

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  • Security

Successful protection of the privacy of your data requires a plan and tools customized to the needs of your business. We work with you to determine:

  • Where your data is stored
  • Off-site back up
  • Transit and storage security
  • Access permissions
  • Breach alerts 
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  • Compliance

Manufacturing compliance includes the regulations and practices manufacturers must comply with in order to produce and market products. Not only is the risk of noncompliance for data protection increasing, the role of government regulatory agencies has been strengthened. And, if you operate internationally, you are bound by a growing number of global standards.

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Digital6 Technologies IT Solutions for Manufacturing

Full Service Office 

Microsoft Office 365

For a full service office in the cloud, Digital6 Technologies can customize Microsoft Office 365 to meet all the challenges for excellence in file management, data privacy and data security in your manufacturing business.

A review and risk assessment of your operation will help determine exactly which version you need from the integrated solutions ranging from Business Essentials to Business Premium. No matter which options you choose, you and your employees will have access whenever you want from wherever you are working. Advanced mobility and accessibility are key features of Office 365.

This software is user friendly which promotes increased efficiency and productivity. It is easy to collaborate through file sharing, online meetings and instant messaging. There are options for email encryption, archiving and continuity.

And, Microsoft understands security in both directions. Any attempt to inject malware into your system raises alarms in time to contain and eliminate it. In addition, Office 365 stops any attempts to access and retrieve data from your files.

The huge bonus is that Microsoft Office 365 is affordable with payment options to fit your budget.

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Cloud Platform 

Microsoft Azure

Digital6 Technologies can ease the transition to cloud services with the excellent Microsoft Azure platform, the complete solution for reliable, secure file management. Microsoft has integrated many cloud services into the Azure cloud platform that allows you to design, implement and manage applications through their worldwide data center network. If you are not ready to move all your business data completely to the cloud, Digital6 can work with you to develop a hybrid model.

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Amazon Web Service

AWS is a cloud services platform ready to use for any kind of workload. It offers tools to integrate, import/export and store data with the kind of flexibility and scalability needed by startups and SMBs poised to expand. Very quickly Digital6 can help you have a high performance database ready to be deployed, perhaps on a prepackaged app share as Microsoft SharePoint.

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File Sharing and Back Up 


Digital6 would like to work with you before there is a problem with downtime caused by data loss or a security breach. They can implement ShareSync to ensure:

  • Real time data backup
  • Immediate roll ack to clean data
  • Business continuity as you can continue working on any clean device, including file sharing 
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