Data Security on Mobile Devices

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Are you concerned about data security on the mobile devices used throughout your business? Do your sales people do most of their work on their smartphones or tablets? Do you have a BYOD policy that you are now regretting?

Even if your mobile devices are company owned, studies show that more than 60% of employees download personal apps. That probably doesn’t make you feel any better.

At Digital6 Technologies, we understand your concerns and can offer excellent solutions.

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    Mobile Device Software

    We pay special attention to the challenges of:

    • Number and kinds of apps used
    • Ability to contain viruses to infected devices 

    Our Digital6 specialists can offer security tools such as Microsoft Intune and Windows 10 E3 that will:

    • Synchronize data across all devices
    • Encrypt all information
    • Manage device settings and access
    • Manage mobile apps
    • Isolate devices or sections of the network in response to a breach so work can continue safely
    • Set up remote “wipe” function to remove all data from a lost or stolen mobile device


    You might not want to know the stats about passwords but here they are from last year:

    • 2 out of 5 people had their account hacked and/or password stolen
    • 8 out of 10 people are worried about online security


    • 47% of users still use passwords more than five years old
    • 73% use the same password for multiple accounts
    • The most popular passwords are still birthdays, “12345678” and even the word “password”

    At Digital6, we recognize the difficulties in training and motivating employees to be more careful especially when they are using mobile devices offsite. We can support you in:

    • Identifying vulnerable spots in user access to data such as weak passwords
    • Developing policies and procedures to strengthen user access; e.g. automatic wiping of data after a pre-determined number of wrong password attempts
    • Considering usefulness of more sophisticated access protocol; e.g. two factor authentication

    The mobile workforce is growing and so are the ways in which hackers will try to access your databases and confidential business information.

    Don’t delay! Contact our Digital6 Technologies team now to strengthen the security of your mobile devices.

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