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June 11, 2018
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Saving valuable resources should be a top priority for every business. At Digital6 Technologies, we know that finding new ways to save can be challenging. With the right tools, it's easy to save big. Using Azure cloud services, Ecolab saved over 140 billion gallons of water last year, enough to provide drinking water to 500 million people. Using Azure on-demand infrastructure, your business can leverage per-minute billing, reduce IT and datacenter costs, and re-engineer processes for cost savings. Delivering greater value with the speed and ease of adding extra capacity. We can help you integrate this resource-saving tech. Contact us to find out how.

Using Azure, researchers at Ecolab are preserving our most precious resource–water. With over 140 billion gallons of water saved last year, Ecolab helped organizations all over the globe to conserve. Azure has the power to do the same for your organization. No matter your industry, Azure Cost Management can help you manage and optimize cloud spend during your migration, making it easy for your business to afford the cloud. At Digital6 Technologies, we want to help. Contact us for more.

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