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February 13, 2018
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SMBs Sign Up for the Security of SQL Servers

Join the 3000 small to mid-sized businesses across America who listed data security as a top priority for their IT services.

All too often, SMB and startup owners have dismissed the need for IT security just because they think they are too small to be a target for hackers. The stats tell a different story. 43% of cyber attacks target small businesses; it takes hackers only 4 minutes to access networks through email but more than a year for the business owner to detect and clean up.

And, it is not just from hackers that you need protection. What about a power outage, employee carelessness or device failure? Microsoft provides some scary stats. 90% of data leaks are caused by user mistakes. A laptop is stolen every 53 seconds somewhere in the country.

Any of these situations can compromise your customer data and other confidential, business critical information. They could even make you noncompliant with your industry regulations.

A State of the Art Server Solution

The team at Digital6 Technologies can walk you through a solution that allows you to retain as much onsite control over data as you want while taking advantage of all the security features found in cloud storage.

The Microsoft SQL Server 2017 leads the industry on security. Install SQL 2017 on an Azure platform and you have the most securely rated system over the last seven years. Much of its current reputation is based on the Always Encrypted technology. This feature ensures that all your data is protected both at rest and in motion.

Yes, there are other technologies that make the same claim. However, SQL Servicer 2017 is the only encryption product that can guarantee to maintain your database performance. Other systems are slowed down while encryption occurs. Not SQL 2017. It just keeps on working.

No matter how sophisticated the technology, remember that you are in charge. For example, the master key rests with you, not with the SQL Server. Monitoring capabilities are even better than before so you can identify and track threats with analytics embedded in the database.

Sign Up Now for SQL Server Protection

Digital6 specialists can work with you to review your operational needs for IT security. Then, they can recommend the best tools for you from a suite of products including the Microsoft SQL Service 2017 and the Azure cloud platform. Everything is customized so it is a perfect security solution for your SMB or startup.

A breach of your database or other business info could be happening right now. Contact a Digital6 Technologies rep now to start the conversation for deploying the best in security systems with SQL Server 2017.

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