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July 20, 2017
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There is a version of Microsoft Office 365 that’s just right for the size of your business. Digital6 Technologies specialists are pleased to review all the features available from Business Essentials to Business Premium. Cloud based Office 365 is accessible, efficient and secure for all your business operations. Consider the following five benefits to installing Microsoft Office 365.

Office 365 Features


Advanced mobility is key. You and your employees will no longer have to worry about how you will access emails, working papers, customer history or any other important work file when you are on the move. You can use a laptop, tablet, desktop or smartphone to set up an office anywhere. If you don’t have one particular device on hand, you can use another. With anytime, anywhere access, you are in charge of your data and documents.


The functions and features of Office 365 are familiar and user friendly. Everyone is more productive when they are not struggling with an awkward, counter intuitive, complex technology. Microsoft has made sure the Office 365 features are consistent across all platforms and are automatically updated. These features include a large mailbox, calendar, contacts, online meetings, instant messaging, to name a few.

The ease of working with Office 365 encourages both internal and external collaboration on large files, no matter how many people are involved. Efficiency is increased and frustration is reduced when everyone can log in to a single location to access the latest version of such files.


Microsoft has extensive experience in maintaining security in both directions. You will be alerted about any attempts to insert malware into your IT system, contain and eradicate it and fix the hole. Also, Office 365 does not allow access for data mining your customer info for marketing purposes. You make the decisions about the parameters of your security. This secure reliability and disaster recovery guarantees less than 0.1% downtime.

Email Enhancements

Optional email addons to Office 365 include:

  • Archiving – capture all the valuable info moving through your email system and store in a secure archive
  • Encryption – protect sensitive email communication by developing policy templates that automatically deploy encryption
  • Continuity – capacity to keep email moving even if there is a cloud outage or other disaster

Payment Flexibility

Office 365 offers flexibility in paying only for the services you need and use. There is sure to be a pay-as-you-go option that fits your budget.

Contact the Digital6 Technologies team to discuss how Microsoft Office 365 can work for you. There is a version perfectly suited to your business needs and capacity. Call or email now to start the conversation.

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