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Be Smart about Moving to the Cloud

It’s great that you have decided to move your business data to the cloud. You know your operation will benefit from the efficiencies and security of a cloud based IT system.

Now, how do you do it?

Smart SMBs and startups engage experienced cloud specialists such as Digital6 Technologies to work with them as a full service partner who will:

  • Review the business end-to-end
  • Identify their IT vulnerabilities and needs
  • Design a cloud solution
  • Recommend the best tools and services
  • Implement the solution
  • Provide ongoing support so you can focus on growing your business

Now, that’s smart. Rely on the IT experts instead of you or your techie person trying to figure it out yourselves. Even if one of you could do the work, that is not what your job descriptions call for. You are there to focus on the business results.

That does not mean that you can just let the Digital6 team do all the work. For this move to the cloud to be successful, there are a few truths you should understand.

  • A smart cloud solution is not a project; it is an ongoing operational process.

Although such a move requires careful planning and implementation timelines, it is an intentional, iterative process with assessments, deployments, testing and modifications. Agility and responsiveness will be important during the implementation and going forward.

  • A smart cloud solution is an investment.

You are now able to list the benefits of moving your business data to the cloud. Ask Digital6 to help you monetize those benefits and not just for the deployment phase. Understand the ROI over the next several years.

  • A smart cloud solution needs resources.

Understand that you need a budget line not only for implementing the new system this year but for maintaining, supporting and perhaps upgrading it in future years. In addition to money, the IT system needs skills, training, IT troubleshooters and other resources.

  • A smart cloud solution needs commitment.

What’s life like in your SMB or startup culture? Friendly and cozy? Energetic and competitive? Do your people like to solve problems themselves? Are they always looking for state-of-the-art tools for their work? Or, are they laid back and comfortable with the current systems? As the owner or manager, you set the tone of absolute commitment to your IT cloud solution. You need to be prepared to “sell” it to legacy system staff, perhaps to pull on the reins for the eager ones, and always to listen to ideas and involve everyone so there is a sense of ownership.

The Digital6 Technologies team is always there to support you and walk with you through every step of a move to the cloud. Take advantage of their experience and expertise to secure all your business data in a reliable, affordable cloud solution.

Why not start the conversation now? Connect with a Digital6 Technologies representative today.

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