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June 1, 2017
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Digital6 Technologies offers a customized ShareSync solution for businesses to stay operational during a ransomware attack.

Boise, ID, USA, June 6, 2017 – Digital6 Technologies is pleased to announce it can now offer a ShareSync solution to malware attacks, particularly ransomware demands. Given the recent outbreak of serious threats of businesses being compromised by criminal invasion of their IT systems, Digital6 recognizes the need for a reliable, effective response.

Businesses are realizing that downtime is the most costly outcome of a ransomware attacked. It can take hours or even days to retrieve files and resume business operations. During that time, money is lost, data compromised and reputations ruined.

Working with Digital6 Technologies now allows businesses to implement ShareSync to:

  • Close or isolate the infected computer(s) to prevent the spread of the virus
  • Using a clean machine, roll back all files to the point in time just before the infection
  • Carry on working using alternative devices such as tablets or phones; any changes will be synced as soon as the entire system is restored

“We believe that paying a ransom is a no-win situation as businesses are still vulnerable to another attack,” says David Fraas, owner of Digital6 Technologies. “That’s why we’re convinced of the effectiveness of ShareSync solutions that will eliminate the need to give in to criminal demands and allow businesses to access uninfected, pre-attack data immediately. Business continues.”

Business owners can be confident that ShareSync provides reliable, efficient access to:

  • Real time file backup that allows restoration to any point in time
  • File sharing and collaboration internal and external, while maintaining access control
  • Security controls that ensure the data is safe
  • Consolidation of the two functions of backup and file sharing
  • Works with any platform such as Office 365 and other email platforms
  • Reliable with a guarantee of 99.99% uptime

The Digital6 Technologies team is always available to help business develop, implement and maintain customized ShareSync protection against the impact of any ransomware attack.

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